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 Neighbourhhood Consultation meeting Fraddon Village Hall 23rd April 2019 7pm.

St Enoder Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council has completed a “pre-submission” draft of a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of St Enoder.

Our Plan has been produced to complement other planning documents such as the UK Government’s National Planning Policy Framework, which came into force in 2012, and Cornwall Council’s Local Plan, which was adopted by the unitary authority in 2016.

It has also been based on feedback that we have received from local residents and we believe that it sets out a positive vision for the villages of Fraddon, Indian Queens,St Columb Road and Summercourt, as well as surrounding rural areas.

There is now a six week consultation, which is taking place between Monday 7th January and Monday 18th February.

Extended until Monday 11th March 5pm.

Comments should be sent to the Parish Clerk at St Enoder Parish Council, Foxleigh, Treviglas Lane, Probus, Truro, TR2 4LH, or via clerk@saintenoderparishcouncil.org.uk,

After final modifications, the Plan will then be submitted to Cornwall Council for a further round of consultation. It will then be reviewed by a government inspector and will go to a referendum of local residents.

Document: Pre-submission draft of St Enoder Neighbourhood Plan

Further background information:

Background information 1: St Enoder Parish Plan (2008)

Background information 2: Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire (2014)

Background information 3: Summary of results from Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire (2014)

Background information 4: Full results from Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire (2014)

Background information 5: Survey setting out “direction of travel” for Neighbourhood Plan (2017) 

Maps referred to in document above: Map 2Map 3, Map 4, Map 5,  Map 6.

Background information 6: Feedback from “direction of travel” survey (2017) 

Background information 7: Survey on housing in Summercourt (2018)

Background information 8: Map for Summercourt survey (2018)

Background information 9: Summary of results from Summercourt survey (2018)