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Cllr Jackie Baker- Chairman Planning Committee

Jackie Baker Cllr. Mrs. J. Baker
The Orchard
Highgate Hill
Indian Queens
St. Columb

t: 01726 861771
m: 07710 455360
e: jackie.baker@saintenoderparishcouncil.org.uk
I moved to the village in 2004 from Newquay where I ran a very busy guest house in the centre of the town. Having moved from Somerset to there in 1989 with my young family, we were fortunate to have the beach on our doorstep, so my children grew up in the great outdoors spending most of their summer on the beach.

I was able to combine my life as a seaside landlady with that in my role as a mother with the usual to and fro-ing of school runs, activity clubs and general socialising. It was a busy hectic time and I had to be organised to prioritise how best to handle the time to juggle family life with the pressures of running the guest house.

I have 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. My daughter and youngest son live here in the parish but my eldest son lives in Somerset with his partner and our grandchildren. My daughter has 2 children that attend the local village school and I am as interested in their school life as I was with my own children and enjoy immensely their progress.

As a family we enjoy ski-ing and scuba-diving and take many holidays together to enjoy these pastimes. I am a Diving Instructor and until recently ran my own diving school and my youngest son is also an Instructor and has only recently returned home from working in Egypt.

My husband runs his own Construction Business and has been in the building trade for 30 years, it is a small family owned business where we try to all muck in and make the most of it and help one another. My role is accounting within the business and making sure that I fill the flasks and make the crib boxes.

Family values and keeping the family together as a unit take precedence in my life, even when your children are off your hands; I think we all care how well they fare in life. I like to think that I have been a good role model for my family and hope that some of my values have passed down to them and also now to my grandchildren.

I enjoy communicating with people and I never stop learning and I live life to the full wanting each day to do more.