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Cllr James Bullock. 


St Columb Road,
St Columb

t. 07804 458465 
e. Jpbullock91@gmail.com


I’m James Bullock, a new councillor having joined in the most recent election. This is, without doubt, the greatest honour I have had; helping my Parish. I know how lucky we are to live in such a great place, something that is easily taken for granted, which is why I joined the council. I will fight to protect it. Cornwall, unfortunately, is a place full of unfairness. We live in such a beautiful place with the most wonderful people, but sometimes this is overshadowed by the poverty, low pay, and high prices we are subjected to. I have always been an active force in the community from my time with Indian Queens band to many exciting nights of Pantomime, a group my family helped found all those years ago, in the Victory Hall. Throughout the county I also work tirelessly for the people; be it my involvement with Citizens Advice Cornwall, Cornwall Hospital Broadcasting Network, or TRANSform Cornwall. The latter being a charity I am helping to start which offers help to Transgender people and raises awareness of this very important issue. I am always looking to get involved in more local projects, so if you need any assistance or advice I would love to get stuck in, so feel free to contact me.

We are enduring difficult times for our parish. With post offices closures, dwindling services, and our future looking so uncertain, we need a strong voice. We need someone who won’t let our Parish be dismantled, someone who puts the people first, and realises we deserve better. I am your councillor. If we allow this destructive beast, this monster of deconstruction to continue to assault our way of life, we will soon have nothing. I for one won’t let that happen.

I currently work as a Care Assistant all throughout Cornwall, and I see first-hand how the system is letting us down; especially when it comes to our aging population. Why, when we have some of the best people in the world, is our system still failing? I can't allow that to happen any longer. I see injustice in Cornwall, injustice in our Parish, and now that we have devolved power to our county we, together, can correct it. For too long we have been neglected in politics; it’s time for us to make our voices heard!. I will be your champion in these matters and have already started shaping the Cornwall we deserve. We have been let down by those in power, and that has to stop. Do we not deserve well-maintained roads? Reliable public services? Protected green spaces? Welcoming parks and family facilities? Someone to look out for the residents? Of course, we deserve these things. Why, even more than that; we need them! This is what I bring. I ask not for your help not to win a seat, but your support in this fight to make a better Parish, and a better County. It was not through choice I was born here, but nothing could tear me away.