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Cllr Mark Kessell- Vice Chairman Planning Committee

Mark Kessell Cllr M Kesell
Tivoli House
Beacon Road

Phone: 01872 510785
Email: mark@markkessellcars.co.uk

I have been in the Summercourt area most of my life, attending Summercout Primary School and then going to Truro Boys School. I joined the family car business at Beacon Road, when leaving school at 16. The business was started by my Grandfather Ivan Kessell in the early sixties and has employed many people from the area in that time. My late father Jon Kessell built the new showroom at Chapeltown in the early 90’s which I ran for many years. I then moved back to Beacon Road in 2007 to take over the business myself when my uncles retired.

I joined the Parish Council in Oct 2012, as I thought with my local knowledge and experience in the area, I could give something back to the Parish and the community.