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St Enoder Church

Saint Enoder Parish Church


The parish of St Enoder, (Cornish: Eglosenoder), is situated in the Deanery and Hundred of Pydar. It is bounded on the north by St Columb Major, on the east by St Dennis and St Stephen-in-Brannel, on the south by Ladock, and on the west by St Newlyn East and Colan.

Standing on the site of St Enoder Church over 2000 years ago, early man would have looked down on wooded slopes and shallow lakes. Millions of fresh water shells have been dredged up at Penhale showing these lakes to have existed for thousands of years before the first human beings even came to the area. St Enoder parish is south of St Columb Major and Newquay, but nothing is known about the saint to whom the local church is dedicated. At a busy road junction near the A30 is the village of Summercourt, which has one of the longest established fairs in the country. In the past this was an important venue where sheep, cattle and horses were bought and sold.

The once bustling village of St Enoder Churchtown no longer exists. All the smaller houses have long since become ruins and disappeared. Only the more substantial of the foundations are left and these form boundaries of fields and have become Cornish hedges. The once ‘Nelson Arms’ public house still stands but is now a private house. Glebe Farm, built from the stone of a row of arms houses adjacent to Narrow Lane years ago, is still a working farm and the old back part of the Rectory has been pulled down and the house made more compact. The rubble from the old building was carried and dumped in the field below the Church. The recent development of the area has not helped the development of the village. First, St Enoder was by-passed by a new road and then Summercourt was developed. Now the new A30 runs between the two. The new roads have cut across ancient pathways and St Enoder Church appears marooned and separated from its people. But the old building still has the ability to draw people to it. For centuries men, women and children have been coming to this site and now once again they are making the journey and are finding peace and comfort within the walls of this lovely old building.

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