Flashing Speed Sign

Published: 13 August 2020


St Enoder Parish Council is pleased to report that we have purchased a new vehicle activated sign. It is a mobile unit, which we will be placing in various 30 mph zones around the Parish for a few weeks at a time.

The sign will show the speed of the approaching vehicle. If it is below 30 mph, it will also flash up “THANK YOU.” If it is over 30 mph, it will flash up “SLOW DOWN.” The speed readings will also be recorded, so that councillors will have evidence to lobby the unitary authority and Police where there are problems.

On Wednesday, we erected the sign at the approach into Fraddon from St Columb Road.

The Parish Council is checking out that this sign works well and, assuming it does, councillors have already taken the “in principle” decision to purchase a second sign. It is felt that it would good to always have two of these signs dotted around the Parish.