Consultation now open

Published: 04 March 2021

When the size of Indian Queens School was increased a few years ago, Cornwall Council produced a Travel Plan which included a proposal to investigate the potential for road crossings on key access points to the School.
Cllr Cole has been putting pressure on the unitary authority to meet this obligation and we can report that proposals have been worked up for two zebra crossings in Indian Queens. One is proposed for Chapel Road, near the top of The Drang, and the other is on St Francis Road, near the bottom of The Drang. It is also suggested that there should be some speed cushions and build-outs associated with the crossings, which would also help calm traffic.
A consultation into the proposal for the two zebra crossings started on 3rd March, and will continue until 31st March. If you have a view, please let Cornwall Council now.
The relevant maps are attached, though the full consultation can be viewed on Cornwall Council’s website at: